Sunday, February 22, 2009

About the website

This website was built in response to the limited sources of information available in English concerning natural disasters in Indonesia. It is meant to provide information understandable to the broad international community, especially those interested in disaster response.

The website hosted by an Indonesian geologist. The publisher wishes to thank the Visualization Center of San Diego State University for its contribution to this effort.

This website consists mainly of current information about disasters occurring in Indonesia, especially related to geological conditions. It also contains analyses of these events and information on important meetings, conferences and workshops on Indonesian disasters and natural hazards. There are also links to other sources of information and other publications related to these subjects.

Hopefully, this website can become a source of basic information for those interested in disaster response in Indonesia and for those interested in conducting research in these topics. Hopefully it will prove of value to Indonesian disaster recovery.


Anonymous said...

Congrat !
Is a great informations on disaster in the WebBLOG.
Please continue to maintain the contents and use the comments as a full interactive type of a webBlog.

Indonesian Disaster said...

Thank you for your input. Comments are always welcome and help us improve our website.

Anonymous said...

Nice and very informative blog...I'll be back here..




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