Friday, October 22, 2010

A new episode of Merapi eruption begin

The Indonesian Center for Volcanology has issued a third-degree warning on the possible eruption of the Merapi volcano in densely populated Yogyakarta City, Central Java. The status of Merapi was raised on September 21, 2010 from the second degree 'warning' to the third degree 'expectation'. All activities in the threatened area around the volcano will be banned for safety reasons. The official said the volcano's activity had been rapidly increasing, accompanied by tremors and frequent lava spills. According to the Indonesian Center for Volcanology the current condition has reached the point of no return. They expected that the new eruption will produce pyroclastic flows that could travel up to 15 miles.

Indonesian Geological Agency has raised the alert level for Merapi volcano on 6 am of October 25, 2010 into its maximum level.


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